We are full concierge travel advisors specializing in




Hello, we are Mike and Kara, travel advisors for Fantastical Vacations! We specialize in planning trips to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal, most major cruise lines, and some all inclusive resorts. 

You might be wondering why you should use a travel advisor these days but here are some reasons why. 

You pay the same price to Disney, Universal, and the cruise lines whether you book with us or not, so why not use us and our knowledge to help you plan the best vacation possible?

There are times that it can take hours to get a representative on the phone especially when new promotions are dropped. When you book with us, you tell us what reservations you would like in advance and we will do our best to book those reservations for you!

We can be involved as much or as little as you like. As travel advisors, we understand that planning your vacation can be very exciting! If you would like to make your reservations yourself, that’s great! We will be available for any questions you might have.

As travel advisors, it is our job to keep up with any new promotions and let you know if we are able to apply them to your reservation even after you have booked!